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Геймърска механична клавиатура ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe RGB Red switch


Геймърска механична клавиатура ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe RGB Red switch
319.9 319,90 лв.

Наличност: В наличност


Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

12 x 29.86 лв.

купи на изплащане
12 x 30.25 лв.
Тегло 0,8 кг
Тип на продукта Gaming
Производител ASUS
Функции Да
Интерфейс USB
Начин на свързване С кабел
Цвят Черен
Допълнителна информация Отделяща се поставка за китките
Гаранционен срок 24

Геймърска механична клавиатура АSUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe RGB Red switch


ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe is a compact, tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with Xccurate Design – an extra-wide Ctrl key that's easier to feel and find in the FPS frenzy. With a choice of Cherry MX switches for optimal feel and reliability, an all-aluminum top plate for strength and style, and more customizable Aura RGB lighting than we've ever engineered into a ROG keyboard, Strix Scope TKL Deluxe empowers you to play like a pro and rise above the battlefield crowdGreat for FPS games : 2X wider, ergonomic Xccurate Ctrl key means fewer missed clicks for greater FPS precision

  • Created for FPS Gamers: the tenkeyless form factor provides more room to move the mouse, while the enlarged L-Ctrl key minimizes inadvertent pressing of other keys
  • Portability: The compact keyboard fits easily into backpacks while the detachable cable prevents scuff marks or scratches
  • Quick-Toggle Switch: Instantly shift between function and media key inputs
  • Stealth key: Tap to hide all apps and mute audio for instant privacy; tap again to play on
  • Cherry MX switches: German-made, micro-switched actuators for precision input with tactile feedback
  • Durable construction: Aluminum top-plate with striking slash aesthetic combines resilience and style
  • Magnetic wrist rest: Wide and soft padding ensures comfort during gaming marathons

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