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Геймърска мишка ASUS ROG Strix Impact II


Геймърска мишка ASUS ROG Strix Impact II
99.9 99,90 лв.

Наличност: В наличност


Тип на продукта Gaming
Производител ASUS
Начин на свързване С кабел
Брой бутони 4+1
Чувствителност (db) 6 200 DPI
Цвят Черен
Предназначен за PC
Размери 120 x 62.5 x 39.5
Допълнителна информация 2 m;Aura Sync RGB; Omron switch
Тегло 0,1 кг
Гаранционен срок 24

Геймърска мишка ASUS ROG Strix Impact II


ROG Strix Impact II is a lightweight, ambidextrous gaming mouse that delivers smooth action and superb flexibility. It features pivoted buttons and a soft-rubber cable for fast, tactile clicks and unhindered glides. There's also a 6,200 dpi sensor for pinpoint accuracy. As well, Impact II is equipped with an exclusive, push-fit switch socket design to extend its lifespan, and a four-level adjustable DPI switch that makes it easy to vary sensitivity to match the way you play, and a semi-transparent cover for a final touch of style.

  • Lightweight build and ambidextrous ergonomics co-designed with pro gamers for optimal performance.
  • Pivoted button mechanism for fast response and accurate performance, accompanied by a clean, tactile feel.
  • Fast, smooth and flexible glides with lightweight, soft-rubber cable.
  • 6,200 dpi optical sensor with four-level DPI switch for sensitivity adjustment.
  • On-the-fly DPI button for effortless accuracy adjustments.
  • Exclusive push-fit switch socket design to easily vary click resistance and extend the lifespan of the mouse.
  • ASUS Aura RGB illumination and compatibility with the Aura Sync ecosystem.

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